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ONE OK ROCK, Yokohama Stadium, Sept 13, 2014

I had such a great time with summerwrapbit and her friends Nida and Kate, Jan and Tanoy!

Toru, Ryota, and Tomoya were dressed in these black and white outfits, and they all complemented each other. HBA logo mean anything to anyone? Taka was wearing this jacket that looked like the long one he wore for his CUT shoot with Takeru Sato, but I think it was actually different. Anyhow…

Set List

  • Answer Is Near
  • Deeper Deeper
  • Nothing Helps
  • Let’s Take It Someday
  • Chaosmyth
  • Clock Strikes
  • Instrumental (which was amazing)
  • 69
  • Mikansei Koukyoukyoku
  • Mighty Long Fall
  • Living Dolls
  • Be the Light (Taka asked for a sea of lights from cell phones, and the result was beautiful.)

Acoustic Set. The band walks out to the end of the centre stage in the middle of the floor. Points out Issues in the audience. Tomoya plays xylophone and Ryota keyboards to A Thousand Miles. summerwrapbit did Taka play acoustic for both Yokubou and Heartache? Or just one? I can’t remember.

  • A Thousand Miles, Vanessa Carlton, cover.
  • Yokubou ni Michita Seinandan

Tomoya does a “model strutting down the catwalk” complete with poses and spins on his way back to the stage, and Ryota does a series of handstands and flips. Taka points out Takeru Sato in one of the box seat, and then complains to the crowd about their attention being diverted.

  • Heartache

/Acoustic Set

  • Decision (they showed FCR footage on the big screen! junishinobi and temporarilyunstable we saw you!)
  • Re:make
  • Koi No Aibou Kokoro No Cupido
  • No Scared
  • Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer

Encore. The band walked along the stage, and at one point were running. Tomoya was the slowest, lol. And they all got changed into new MLF shirts, except Ryota (of course).

  • Wherever You Are
  • Kimishidai Ressha
  • The Beginning

Fireworks at the very end, and it was such a fantastic show! They seemed really happy and excited and it was cool to hear a lot of their older songs! And they did Heartache and a cover!!! summerwrapbit please correct anything!

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Toru’s evolution in pv / part 2

part 1

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Here’s a scan of the official announcement of the WOWOW broadcast for “Mighty Long Fall at Yokohama Stadium.” YAAAAY

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other inside pic from RINA’s first personal book ‘one piece’ (c) zero_ng

check all the previously posted pictures here

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 hair salon: blogpost by HARUNA

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Haven t made anything in a while been busy / Just some One OK Rock PV’s / Kinda running out of edit ideas and material / But here’s this :)

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senkou riot 2014 - haruna

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Here are the new Announcement Changes in game (:

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Babymetal Meets Big Four Of Thrash


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